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Top 10 moments this year



3.Making movies

4.Mr.Haney as teacher



7.Capture the flag


9.Watching Movies

10.Field Day












































































Week 32

This week was so fun  because we went to do a ton of stuff. We went to KARM I also had two ball games this week which was awesome. Then, I had two baseball games to play which was so  awesome. Next, I had a sleepover and it was great. Finally, this is how my week went.

Week 31

This week was pretty good. We had a great time with sports. Then, I did some fun stuff like tonight we have a sleepover and we have the Rocky Hill Rodeo. Also,we had a ton of test called TCAP’s. They are hard test and put pressure on you because they are 15% of your grade. So the question is what are you doing so give me comments and tell me in the comments.


Week 31

This week we have had a great week and have done some cool stuff. I have been doing well in baseball and I still am doing pitching lessons. This week we will be playing baseball at a good tournament. Next, I will on my blog I will show you my pitching coaches son. Then, we have been doing a ton of TCAP prep and we might do some other stuff. Finally,what have you been doing this week?images

Week 30

This week is a fun week because Easter is coming up. I will be going to Kentucky for Easter to my grandparents. I also went to Diamond Baseball and had pitching lessons and I did well.  Next,  I took the lesson with Mr.Hochhaver whose son is in the MLB. Finally,I hope I can get new sandals from the Easter bunny.

Mountains and Oceans

Mountains and Oceans affect Weather


By: Franklin Smith


Mountains and oceans can make the weather the same and different, but mainly they can affect our temperature and how rain falls. First, I am going to talk about how weather can be changed by mountains. Next, I talk about the oceans and how it affects the weather. Finally, we will see what happens to weather by these two things.


Mountains can affect rain and temperature. It can affect rain by how the rain go on the windward side except the leeward side. Then, they affect rain by they can block the moisture. Now we are going to talk about the temperature. They affect our temperature by where and if you are near a mountain. Next, if you are at the top of the mountain it is the coldest ,but if you are at the bottom it is higher temperature. The temperatures are different because the higher the elevation the colder it can get. Finally, this is how mountains affect our weather.


How do oceans affect our every day weather? Well the ocean can really have an affect on our rain. It has an affect by it produces a lot of rain by evaporation getting all that from the ocean then it rains. Now lets talk about how it affects temperature. Next, the temperature is affected by weather. It is affected by it stores the heat and does transportation of heat. This is how the weather is affected.


Week 29

This week was a great week for baseball. This week we had track and I ran in it in the relay I was the  3 leg. Also, I have been playing a ton of baseball which has been really fun. Then, we went to TCBY after the track meet with some friends from track. Also,I was up set when Kentucky lost in the National Championship. But,my grandparents went to Dallas for the final four and me and my brother both got t shirts of the final four. Next,we also got some final four seat cushions. Also,in track we got 1st in the 5th grade realy. The team that I was on made it on the track team by our school and now we get to go to the city meet. So this week was epic.IMG_5002

Matter and Energy


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